Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009. Obama has spoken. My Questions.


Obama, you spoke about the economic stimulus package. This package is nearly as costly as the bailout package was. Where is the money coming from? You never answered that. Frankly, most Americans, including myself, are taxed to the limits. The money just doesn't exist in the general American public.


Afghanitan - you waffled about pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Frankly, I want to see all of our boys home. The longer we dwell in the middle east, the longer we beg for terrorist activity here at home. It's been made quite clear that the middle eastern nations want to be left alone.

The A-Rod question - Who gives a fuck? I don't give slight fuck if an athlete used steroids. This is not a presidential question.

The Pakistan question - all I heard was more military action. "We want to ensure that the government of Pakistan are stalwart allies" means to me more bombings and ground attacks until we can ensure that.

Bush Administration trials/convictions - only lip service about prosecuting the war criminals - mostly just promoting the "values" of his administration.

Schools - While I support the idea of better school funding, once again, where is the money coming from?

Obama, you have failed to answer one simple question: Where do you plan on getting funding? Taxpayers are broke. Pork programs can be cut back, and the war fund can also be cut back. You still haven't said where you're getting funding. China isn't lending anymore. Where is the funding coming from?