Saturday, July 19, 2008

What is this blog about?

This is my second online blog, having previously had a private blog on another popular blogging site. I still maintain the private blog, but that's more for my private thoughts. My political rants and observations were not particularly well received there. It was simply the wrong forum for that. As a result, I have started this blog, exclusively for the purpose of posting my political and social thoughts and beliefs.

I am a registered Libertarian, because I have been thoroughly sickened by the partisan power, fear, and hate mongering spewed forth by both the Democrat and Republican party. Without putting a party name to it, my general political beliefs can best be described as "liberal-leaning conservative, with a strong belief in human rights and upholding the Constitution". I feel that the Libertarian party is my best hope in bringing these values back to the United States of America.

I am not a religious person. I am an Agnostic. I am a believer in science. I abhor the thought of having Creationism taught as a science. I do hold some spiritual beliefs, but only because of my own observations, even though they may be, as yet, scientifically unprovable. I will never force my spiritual beliefs on anyone, nor will I tolerate someone else forcing their spiritual beliefs on myself (or anyone else). I also strive to not allow my personal spiritual beliefs cloud my pursuit of scientific truth. As of right now, the two are mutually exclusive.

In my daily life, I work at a major International Airport at an administration level position regarding security. I hate what the DHS/TSA is doing to this nation, yet I must deal with them daily. As a result, I have a somewhat more insightful position regarding DHS/TSA/Patriot Act than most people. I do not work for DHS or TSA, so let's clear that up right now. They are as much of a thorn in my side (if not more) as they are to the average air traveler.

I've always felt like a black sheep politically, having been an anarchist in my formidable years, later realizing anarchy is impossible, and becoming an independent. Later still, I registered as a Democrat because the post-Regan Republican party disgusted me - besides, there were several elections that I wanted to do everything I could to keep a Republican out of office, even if it meant selling my own beliefs short. Now, I've matured and wizened, and know what I must do politically. I am a Libertarian. I have pretty bold opinions. If you can't handle that, go back to toeing your respective party line. I'll still be here, trying to enlighten people and change the world.

On media outlets... I get almost all of my news from BBC, Sky News, and Telegraph. I cannot trust American news outlets anymore. None of them are willing to report politics neutrally. They all want to put a spin on things towards one side or the other. I'm sorry, but whatever happened to un-biased media? Oh yeah, it started declining during Vietnam. It's been dying ever since, and today, you only have media outlets owned by major companies, run ultimately by highly partisan people, who intentionally skew news reports to meet their own agenda. The Brits are far more reliable for unbiased American news.

So, that's me, and this blog as a whole, in a nutshell. Love it, hate it, comment on it, whatever. Just read it.

Listen, learn, expand, know the truth.

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