Sunday, March 1, 2009

Energy Efficiency is not a myth!

I got my bill from BG&E (the local gas and electric company) yesterday. I had signed up for budget billing immediately upon starting the service. To date, the budget billing was $77/month (including both natural gas and electric). Apparently, my somewhat green lifestyle has paid off. I only use compact fluorescent lights, I don't leave lights on in rooms I'm not in (except for the kitchen, and only when I'm cooking and waiting for a timer to expire). The TV is often on when I'm home, but it's an older tube TV, and uses less energy than the newer LCD or Plasma TVs. Also, my thermostat is set at 68 degrees (and was set at 50 degrees the whole time I was on vacation).

Anyway, yes, I do try and conserve power. My BG&E bill reflects that.

Next month, after BG&E re-assessed my gas/electric consumption, it'll only be $63.00. This makes me happy.

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