Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

Holy fucking hell... where to start...

The economy/bailout: McCain failed to mention anything beyond a talking point. Obama, while having a couple of reasonable ideas (though ideas that aren't really financially possible) never mentioned McCain's involvement with the Keating Five. Both fail.

Taxes: Neither tax plan is viable to help solve the problems in the US. Obama's is more reasonable. Obama, slightly ahead, but ultimately, both fail.

The War and foreign policy: McCain wants all-out war. He says he wants troop withdrawals from Iraq, but wants a surge in Afghanistan and Iran. McCain also makes a little reference that he has full confidence in his "maverick" running mate. Obama wants complete withdrawals from Iraq, but a surge in Afghanistan, and little to no troops in Iran before diplomatic negotiations. Obama slightly ahead. Neither candidate can promise withdrawal. Both fail. McCain fails more, because of lousy policy and his support of Palin, who will likely become president before McCain's term is up.

Alternative Energy: McCain stuck to talking points that suggested he was "only saying what the public wanted to hear". He denounced dependence on foreign oil. He stated support for both off-shore drilling and alternative energies, yet outright opposes the Ethanol industry - which is the alternative energy technology that will help us get to a true energy independence. McCain - fail. Obama - show me. I like your plans, but I have a hard time believing you.

Russia/Georgia situation: McCain - in favor of military action. Obama - I missed his reply, but from the post-reply debate, I'm guessing that he's still pro-military action, but on a reduced level. Combined fail initially, but unable to really tell, as I missed Obama's reply. Ultimately, I'm just going to call it a draw.

The nuclear option: Both against. Both win.

Closing statements: Everything each of them have stated above was reiterated again.

My Judgment: Obama won, hands down, even though I dislike his politics. John McCain was never able to address the camera directly. Obama addressed the camera repeatedly in fact, he addressed the camera, nearly every time he spoke to the American people. McCain seemed to fall back on talking points as much as he could. He never looked at the camera, and instead always addressed Jim Leher, the moderator, with every response. That doesn't seem like a big deal, but with only maybe 20,000 people at the debate, yet tens of millions watching nationwide, addressing the camera and "looking into the eyes of America" is important.

Final thoughts: Obama never mentioned the one thing that would make me vote for him: McCain's involvement with the Keating Five - a group that illegally protected the Savings and Loan institutions back in the 1980's. He refused to make McCain answer for this illegal and nearly traitorous act. Neither candidate even glossed over the unconstitutional Patriot Act and subsequent creation of the Patriot Act, even when both topics are heavilly involved with both the economy and the military.

After seeing this debate, who am I voting for? I'm still torn among third party candidates, and leaning towards a write-in vote for Ron Paul. Neither McCain nor Obama won my vote in this debate.

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