Monday, September 29, 2008

This is an amazing time for American politics!

This truly is an amazing time for Americans politics. The past eight years have seen an incredible amount of change, for better or worse. Two stolen elections, voter fraud, more government corruption than has ever been seen in America, two wars, near economic collapse, the first presidential campaign run almost entirely on the Internet, and an election more important than any this country has ever seen.

Partisan politics are stronger and louder than ever. Voter opinions mean less than ever.

Man, this is an era that our grandchildren will learn about in school as one of the most tumultuous eras in America.

The 1960s had far more activist movements. The 1930s had more depression horror stories (so far). The 1980s saw more world change. The 2000s though, have seen the most horrific transformation of our nation, from democracy into police state. Voter apathy and governmental complacency have run rampant over the past decade. Small groups call for change - they call for radical shifts in power, and they call for forcing the government to listen to our concerns. The population at large has stopped caring and made the government into the one thing our founding fathers never wanted it to be: an autonomous entity, above the law, and outside of the needs of the people.

Our grandchildren will know this era of the USA as the era in which the government took total control from the people, and served its own needs over those of the people. It is from this era that they will hopefully learn the power of voting, the power of being politically active, and the power of being a single loud voice among all the rest.

While this era may well provide a suffering nation of derelicts suffering under a totalitarian control to our grandchildren, hopefully they will be able to learn the lessons that current Americans have not. These are the same lessons that our parents and grandparents learned. These are the lessons that we have not learned.

Regardless of whether you're politically active or not, regardless of whether you're successful or not, regardless of whether you're a politician or not, your grandchildren will learn much from us. Let's just hope that they don't have to learn it from another country.

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