Sunday, November 9, 2008

The perils of renting a basement from a staunch Democrat friend...

In the past 30 minutes, I lost count of the number of times I heard "Obama" mentioned with a favorable inflection of voice.

The conversations I'm hearing are coming from upstairs, where my roommate/landlord is entertaining guests, who are also apparently all Obama supporters.

Honestly, I can't really hear the conversation, but I can quite clearly hear every time "Obama" is said. What worries me is that the glee and adoration with which I hear "Obama" spoken is nearly the glee and adoration I'd expect to hear from Christians if Jesus were to walk the Earth again. You'd think their messiah has come.

Seriously people, we've been through eight years of the worst fucking president in modern times. We're all happy that it's not him again (meaning McCain getting elected). Hell, I loathe 90% of Obama's politics, and I'm happy to see him get elected. He is not a messiah, though. Obama is just a regular guy. He had a decent education, and he makes you wet in your pants when he expounds on this and that issue. Great. He's a politician. Politicians cannot be trusted. Fact is, Obama voted with Bush on most of his worst policies during his reign as King W. Nobody talks about Obama's support for the Patriot Act - and its renewal - making many of the provisions permanent. Nobody talks about Biden's support, even pre-9-11, of creating backdoors for all electronic devices that would allow the government to spy on you. Yeah, Biden was the reason that PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), the basic standard for email encryption, was created.

If Obama does anything positive for our nation, it will be improving of foreign relations, and less foreign reliance on American aid, which will be perfect when, in four years, the country is screaming for change again, for a leader like Dr. Ron Paul to take office, and really set this nation back on track.

At first, I was happy to see the world unity behind Obama. Now I'm just sick of hearing it.

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Anonymous said...

I can see what your saying and agree with you to a point.

Here is my take. Agreed, Obama is a politician. Personally though, I am hoping that he turns out to be more.

I mean, I could just say screw it and not care, but, there has to be something better for our country than the way things currently are.

Obama wont fix everything. Hell, if he can atleast stop the backslide, the next guy we elect can work on fixing things.