Thursday, October 2, 2008

Repost of my blog from another site - The Vice-Presidential Debates.

I wonder how long it'll take for Palin to make an ass of herself. I wonder how long it'll take for Biden to say something to piss off everyone that values their privacy.

It should be interesting. I'm going to watch it now.

EDIT: Palin's started already. Not even five minutes into the debate, she's fear-mongering and evading the question. She spoke nothing about the actual bailout package, and instead chose to stress the fear the "soccer moms" have about the economy.

EDIT 2: Following is a running commentary - it won't be over until the debate is:

I will say that someone did a really good job on coaching Palin on what to say. She's actually forming coherent sentences tonight.

I find it kind of amusing that Biden seems to forget that it was Clinton's regulations on the financial/mortgage industry - the bills he had passed in order to get lower income people into homes, creating the entire sub-prime market - was what set the stage for the current economic collapse.

Oh shit.... universal health care. I'm totally against it. The government can't pay for their current expenditures. The government expenditures are increasing by billions of dollars a day. How in the world are we going to be able to pay for a health care bill on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars a year? Certainly not with more Fed-Reserv cash printed out of thin air, further driving the value of the dollar into the hole. Taxpayers won't stand for the 60% tax increase that would actually pay for all of the government's spending. When the government can reduce its spending by 50%, I might consider supporting a health care package.

Oil/Energy incentives/tax breaks? Palin, you fail hardcore. Your own husband serves to profit from increased profits of oil companies. You've only profited from oil companies. You're just the same corrupt piece of shit that any other oil-linked Republican is.

Oh shit! Palin just said, "How long have I been at this? Five weeks?" Yeah, you have the experience. *rolls eyes*

Once again on the Wall Street deal... Palin thanks McCain for trying to avert the crisis for years now. Apparently, among the things that she hasn't learned are the generalities or details of The Keating Five, in which John McCain was the most important person in that coverup and carnival of lies that followed, regarding the 1980's Savings and Loan collapse/crisis/scandal.

Ooooh! Climate change! That's a curveball that Palin wasn't prepared for. She's faltering hardcore. I have no fucking idea what she's saying.

Biden doesn't appear to know much about climate change either. To further this point... Biden is all about clean energy, and while that's a good idea - one that I'm all in support of - it's not the cure for climate change. Science has said for years that the planet goes through periodic climate changes. It's part of nature. We're about 20,000 years overdue for an ice age. Global warming is the precursor to an ice age. Sure, human pollution doesn't help, but the planet will go through another ice age, no matter what we do. Learn science, Biden.

Same sex marriage - Palin pulls out the "Well, I have [insert prejudiced group] friends" argument. Neither support gay marriage. Biden expanded on his idea, at least, saying that the definition of marriage should be limited to the definition provided by the various faiths. While I don't agree with it, it was more than Palin said.

Troop withdrawal from Iraq - Biden - supports the 16 month plan. Palin - gunning for McCain's hundred years of war. Wait... Palin: "Talibani"? What?

Oops... Biden just brought out that his son is in Iraq. Big voter points...

Biden just used the term "Homeland" without referring to DHS... that lost points from me. At least he didn't mention nuclear war.

Palin apparently refuses to try and find diplomatic solutions, and would rather attack first - but only after unreasonable demands aren't met.

Biden just unleashed a hell of a rebuttal against Palin's above statements. You just earned the points back, Biden.

Palin, just like, apparently, every other member of our government fails to realize that Israel is a major world threat. Hell, she even referred to them as a "peace-seeking nation". Now Biden is insisting on Israel's peaceful status. Whatever happened to their overt hostility (including nuclear threats) against Palestinians and Iran? Fucking propaganda.

Palin, you want to put government on the side of the people? You're really going to have to change both yours and McCain's views hardcore. Right now, both of your views screw the average American.

Biden - you and Obama are going to provide change? After voting down the Third Amendment? After supporting the bailout bill? After supporting grave injustices against the privacy of Americans? What change are you going to provide? Is Obama going to change his name to Stalin?

These nuclear weapons debates? Palin and Biden both suck. We should just glass the debate venue. Get rid of both of these idiots.

Biden, fuck Bosnia. Fuck Iraq. Fuck Iran. Fuck Afghanistan. Let's fucking save our own country first.

Palin... rebutting Biden's war positions... strong start. I was impressed. She almost sounded intelligent.

Palin, furthering my comments, the Good 'Ol US of A doesn't have the resources to wage more war. Let's spend the money at home. Let's fix our own problems. What we're spending on this war could buy back every foreclosed home in the US. Future funding could make our educational systems the best in the world. It could provide health care for everyone. It could truly make America the greatest country on Earth one again.

Biden - yes, this is the biggest election Americans would have ever voted in... we're choosing between Fascism and Communism. That's certainly a first for America.

How many times has Palin said "everyday working class Americans"? Fuck, this cunt doesn't have anything in common with me besides my base male desire to penetrate her asshole without lube and make her scream like a little bitch. This moron doesn't know shit about average Americans. Main Street, Wasalia doesn't exactly compare with Pratt Street, Baltimore or Broadway, NYC. Someone needs to bitchslap this idiot.

Biden made a brief mention of "early education" - there's a reason that I was reading at age two - private early education. Public schools turned me from a prodigy to a near failure because of my absolute boredom with the inadequate education it provided, even long before the "No Child Left Behind" bullsit.

Ouch... Biden provided a Constitutional overview of the office of the Vice-President. Palin, they didn't show it long, but she had a look of amazement and disappointment on her face while Biden said what he did. I can forgive her, though. She didn't know what the VP did.

How many fucking times has Palin used the term "maverick" as an adjective to describe McCain? Shut the fuck up bitch. Do you actually know anything about your running mate? If McCain was truly a maverick, he wouldn't have caved at every possible opportunity to improve his political career. He's as much of a maverick in politics as I am in brain surgery, suggesting to just remove the brains or morons.

Biden, rebuttal to Palin's maverick quotes... Many points earned. Great "fuck you" to Palin and McCain.

The final question: How to get rid of partisan politics: Both Biden and Palin suggested nothing but partisan politics, under thin veils of non-partisanship. Both are completely unable to see the real problems in America.

The conclusion:

Palin: more of the same memorized quotes.

Biden: False promises. I'll believe it when I see it. You paint the picture, but the beauty isn't yet apparent.

My own conclusion:

Considering that the office of Vice President is only a heartbeat away from the presidency, I paid far more attention to Palin than I did to Biden. Palin was only able to serve up talking points and coached speeches. Palin only really took the lead in one debate, and that was in the war debates, oddly enough. Even though she supports 100 years in the middle east, she, at least, acknowledged that we need to spend some more effort at home. She looked at the camera, which is what I felt earned Obama votes in last week's presidential debates, but it seems that every time she looked at the camera, she only delivered speeches that served to only betray the average American.

Biden never really won my support. He lacked speaking ability, and never really connected with the average American (of which I am - a textbook middle-class American). Biden seemed to be on the defensive more than anything, particularly with the number of times he stated, "Let me rebuke those claims." Biden also never addressed the reasons that educated Americans would hate him - his support for domestic spying.

Honestly, if I had to score the debate in points, based on my comments above, Biden won. I still don't want either of them anywhere near the White House.

This debate only solidified my decision to write in Ron Paul in November.

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