Monday, October 13, 2008

Nonpartisanship isn't enough...

I find it amusing that every article I submit to various forums always seems to get voted out because my politics aren't popular.

If you're a return reader to this blog, you likely understand what I mean.

I'm a Libertarian. I'm an American. I'm a humanitarian. I believe in nothing more than our basic Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Even with this, I'm often times relegated to fringe groups or called an extremist. The funny thing is that what I'm calling for is no more or less than the average American is calling for. We all want freedom and happiness. No major party is offering it, yet Obama seems to be the leading choice for president.

Obama, while he's highly charismatic and full of social integrity (I'd love to go out and get to know him personally... I'd probably call him a good friend), I still think his socialist views are one step too far towards Communism. Socialism is the springboard to Stalinist Communism.

McCain/Palin... don't even get me started. Worse than four more years of Bush policy, if they enter office, we'd be after a near indefinite period of fascism (considering how easy it is the lift the Constitution now, thanks to Dubbya...).

Either way... let's cast off the partisan politics (If Washington could, we might actually like our government). Let's solve the issues at home. The government doesn't seem willing to do so, so let's create the solutions on our own and then try and force Washington to pass them.

I don't care what political affiliation you are, let's hear your issues. Let's all look at them without any political gains in mind.

We're all Americans here. Let's be American. (Obvious exceptions made to you non-American readers - I just want to energize the Americans to do a whole lot better than our last voter turnout, at something like 40%).

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