Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Partisan Bickering

As a change, I'm going to drop the educated politics bit and just speak from the heart on this one. The language may end up a bit crude, and if that offends you, stop reading now.

Do you want to know the number one reason this country is in a shambles right now? Partisan bickering. Neither party really has a central cause to rally for, and instead they waste time and money bickering amongst themselves. The Democrats did that! The Republicans did the other!

You know what, fuck you both.

I am completely sick of the partisan bickering. This country will only suffer from both parties playing the blame game. We're in a quagmire of a war(s), the economy is collapsing around us, and all either major party can think to do is place blame? What the fuck? Seriously... if ever there was a time to work together and find a solution, it's now. Yeah, the election is in three weeks. Yeah, Obama is likely to win it (unless, of course, Diebold has their way, with all of the vote tampering machines). Both major candidates would gain a lot of votes if they just fucking sat down and tried to find solutions to the domestic problems. Let's stop arguing and actually do something!

Right now, on the major party ticket, I'm faced with "The Democrats destroyed the world, vote for McCain/Palin" and "The Republicans destroyed the world, vote Obama/Biden". The simple fact is that neither of these fuckers want to actually sit down and discuss the matters like rational adults. Both candidates strike me as petty schoolchildren, trying to get another classmate in trouble over things that don't really matter.

The fucking bickering and resultant political spin is mind-boggling. I refuse to vote for anyone with a four-year-old's mindset when it comes to politics - particularly when the country is in the shambles it's in.

Honestly, how can any person that's educated themselves on the issues at hand really vote for either major party candidate, after both have repeatedly proven themselves to be nothing more than bickering schoolchildren? There's a huge difference between healthy debate and just looking like an ass.

Vote third party. Make your vote count against the major parties. No third party candidate is going to win this election. Votes for the third party candidates will count as votes against both of the major party candidates. At least, once the shit really hits the fan, you'll be able to say that "I voted against both Obama and McCain". Draw notice to the third party candidates. Vote the shit out of them. Vote with your heart and conscience, and not for the "lesser of two evils."

Make a fucking stand.

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